• It is one of Tuwaiq's business companies specialized in establishing operating, and maintenance of water and sewage stations, supplying relevant mechanic and electric spare parts as well as micro-equipment and chemicals required in operating stations.

    Solidarity of Tuwaiq Water & Electricity Co. with Aqwalia Spanish Company which is considered one of the most famous companies working in the field of water contracting qualified the company to recruit experienced highly sufficient human cadres.


  • The role of Tuwiaq Water & Electricity Co. is not limited in the field of supplying, execution, or operation only. The company has an integrated department containing team of consultant experts who assess and evaluate problems of water & sewage stations and re-qualify them as well as providing the most suitable solutions.

  • It is one of Tuwaiq's business companies allied with Vivanets Hospitals & Establishment which is considered one of the most prestigious medical companies in Germany in the field of providing health care solutions including founding, furnishing, and operating university medical cities and search centers.

    Viva Tuwaiq Medical Company provides a vast series of services through a specialized work team containing the best doctors in all medical specializations as well as a pick of highly efficient engineers specialized in the field of hospitals and medical centers design in accordance with medical prospective.

  • The company provides several services including:
    - Preparing complete plans and strategic studies for university medical cities
    - Preparing engineering design based on medical operational foundation in order to ensure increasing the operation sufficiency to the maximum limit.
    - Equipping hospitals, medical faculties, and research centers.
    - Operating and managing hospitals.
    - Facilities planning and managing.
    - Quality control and management.
    - Medical & Administrative Staff Training.
    - Preparing specialized consultancy studies for research center development.
    - Preparing plans and educational materials approved for health colleges.

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